Vision Plus

VisionPLUS® Business Solutions:

Rocky, with our partners BASF, are committed to helping our customers succeed by providing more than just excellent paint products. We offer VisionPLUS® a comprehensive suite of value-added programs geared specifically for collision repair centers. This full-service toolkit helps body shops grow sales, streamline business operations, and gain a solid competitive edge in the industry.

Vision Plus Laptop
  • Information on vital KPIs (KPI = Key performance indicators)
  • Improvement Strategies
  • Enhanced multi-site reporting
  • Current business trends
  • Business forecasts
  • Important tools and forms
  • Production / ROI tracking software and more!
Programs Offered Include:
  • VisionPLUS® Online Dashboard - Track, analyze and improve your business in realtime, monitoring vital KPIs.
  • VisionPLUS® Market Services - Local market analysis, business review, quarterly benchmarking are all part of this toolkit.
  • VisionPLUS® Performance Groups - Performance groups include select body shop owners with similar operations. Performance group sessions include benchmarking, industry updates, idea sharing, best practices and strategic round table discussions
  • VisonPLUS® Lifetime Warranty - Gain customers trust, and join a high quality North American network of BASF certified repairers.
  • VisionPLUS® Online Facility Planning - Customize designs to maximize production, either from the ground up or remodel.

In addition to our VisionPLUS® and APS programs, Rocky offers:
  • Tailored inventory management programs
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development and implementation
  • Process mapping boards
  • Shop equipment and best practice audits
  • Paint and material profit analysis

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